I make and create as a means to better understand myself, and the world around me. My work focuses on the ways in which we process and internalize our surroundings and experiences. It's a balance of control and chaos, of making sense of what's out of our hands, and defining what we don't fully understand. There's a tension in those moments when we're moving through a metaphysical fog, unable to act with any certainty, or know if our next step will land. It's those times of unhinged grace that I find to be most captivating. I strive to make work that imitates that process through creating gestures both spontaneous and thoughtful, allowing the fluidity of the ink to inform the next mark. Ink has a way of forcing you to accept the gestures you make, without acquiescing to any opportunities of erasure. You can only accept, or start over. The next part of the process is where I try to define and solidify it by sculpting out an image like it's a personal truism. It's as if by defining the edges it will make the gestures more purposeful, essentially equating my making sense of past actions in an attempt to control my forthcomings. The result creates an image that's both familiar and ambiguous, asking the viewer to make out a concrete subject that waivers between each set of eyes.

I currently work and reside out of Sommerville, MA


Photo taken by Derek Palmer - www.derekpalmerphoto.com